In the late 80s, Sue and Sigfried Othmer began to develop protocols and technologies based on the neurofeedback technique. Their interest in embarking on this adventure arises from his son’s diagnosis: with epilepsy and hyperactivity.

Sue and Siegfried begin to work on a therapeutic method that replaces a medication that seems ineffective and without apparent effects on his son Brian. Sue, a specialist in brain physiology, and Sigfried, a physicist with experience in aerospace technology, research the properties of  neurofeedback technique. A procedure that is shown as a safe and effective alternative to Brian’s treatment. Both develop new protocols and instrumentation for a technique that, at first, is little explored and begin to improve its efficiency by updating and improving the technique for another 25 years.

The method developed by the Othmers is not the only one based on this technique. There are different procedures that develop training based on feedback with the brain. The most well-known are the classic frequency band training, SCP (Slow Cortical Potential) training and bipolar training.

Symptoms are protagonists in the Othmer Method. The parameters or variables of the feedback are modulated according to their effects on the patients. The work with very low frequencies (ILF) is another characteristic. The frequencies that have proven to be more efficient in training.

SCP protocols also use this low frequency range. Currently, the Othmer Method is considered an integration of the three effective procedures mentioned above.

About Othmers

Dr. Siegfried Othmer and Susan F. Othmer have been linked to neurofeedback since 1985. They developed brain training for their son Brian because of his seizure disorders. This training was transformative for his son, who led his professional life to the development of neurofeedback as well as the promotion of his public acceptance.

Dr. Othmer is today the Chief Scientist of the EEG Institute and President of the Brian Othmer Foundation. Susan Othmer is Clinical Director of the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles). The Othmers have pioneered many innovative neurofeedback applications over the years.

They provide professional training in EEG biofeedback and sponsor an extensive professional network of therapists. The family has been developing first-level instrumentation for neurofeedback continuously during the past 25 years and its development continues today.

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