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NeuroVitalia | Official Partners of EEG Info in Spain

Do you want to include Neurofeedback in your clinical practice?

NeuroVitalia, official partner of EEG Info in Spain, imparts exclusively courses and training about Neurofeedback

Our courses are accredited by EEG Info and allow to obtain the Othmer’s Certificate to the health professionals who participate in them. They are taught by experts in the technique and are aimed to therapists, health technicians and professionals who wish to include Neurofeedback in their clinical practice.

NeuroVitalia performs several annual EEG training courses which provide the necessary knowledge to apply the technique as well as the EEG Info Certificate. In addition,  practical Neurofeedback workshops and individualized or group clinical supervision are carried out providing continuous training and constant advice to therapists.

Courses and Training

NeuroVitalia imparts Basic and Advanced Courses of Neurofeedback. The Basic Course of Neurofeedback is perfect to learn the fundamentals and bases of the application of the technique. It provides the therapist enough knowledge to introduce Neurofeedback into her clinical practice and obtain the Othmer’s Certificate.

To attend the Advanced Course of Neurofeedback, it is required to have completed the Basic Course. In the Advanced Course,  therapist is introduced in the latest developments, protocols and strategies applied on real cases. It is a complementary training suitable for therapists who are already working with Neurofeedback.

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Coordination centers

Centro Comercial ABC Serrano. Calle Serrano, 61, 4ª Planta, 28006 Madrid

Edificio Marítimo, Oficina 25. Av. Tres de Mayo 77, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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637 39 04 69

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