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Neurofeedback goal is to teach the brain to reach the more appropriated state and maintain it
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At NeuroVitalia, we are totally focused on helping you so that you can overcome any obstacle

Welcome to NeuroVitalia!

Company associated with EEGInfo and leader in Neurofeedback in Spain

Specialized in neuropsychology and neurofeedback

NeuroVitalia offers a wide variety of interventions: neurofeedback, neuropsychological treatment, individual psychotherapy, evaluations and family approach among others.

See the main areas of intervention
See the main areas of intervention

How do we help you?

At our network of centers our professionals can help you in numerous areas, such as migraines and headaches, anxiety, depression, autism, attention deficit and/or hyperactivity, sleep disorders, epilepsy or OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) among others.

With the guarantee of collegiate and accredited professionals as health psychologists.

Our objective and commitment is to improve the quality of life of the people who come to any of our centers through a specific and personalized treatment.


It improves body and environment awareness, develops social skills and communication skills. In addition, it improves impulse control and enhances concentration and attention.


Overcomes the emotional blockages produced by anxiety, acquiring a greater ability to manage and control the factors that cause stress.

Migraines and headaches

We help you to eliminate or reduce the symptoms, stabilize the physiological activity and improve the hypersensitivity.

Autistic spectrum

Improves cognitive functions, speeds up the language recovery process, gets a closer connection with the environment.


Activate positive cognitive schemas. Get a symptomatic and psychological improvement.

Insomnia and sleep problems

Decrease your activation threshold favoring sleep conciliation and efficiency.


Strengthens your mindset by enhancing decision-making through increased motivation and self-esteem.

Other areas

Our professionals can offer you effective action protocols for other areas, click here to see more…

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The evaluations are developed by performing tasks that require a specific effort or by observing their cognitive functioning directly. Our evaluations obtain an in-depth assessment of the different areas of cognitive performance.

QEEG and evoked potentials

Use of qEEG in clinical assessment

By monitoring and analyzing their brain activity, our professionals obtain conclusions that help clinical diagnosis and indicate the best treatment for the patient’s condition.


Evaluation of attentional processes, Impulsivity and motor activity

An analysis especially recommended for cases with diagnostic suspicion of anxiety, behavioral problems, social problems, reading-writing problems and learning difficulties.


It assesses higher cognitive functions, emotional and behavioral aspects of the person, strengths and weaknesses, and observable behavior.

About us

About us
About us

Neurovitalia is made up of a group of professionals with experience and training in fields such as neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, physics, sexology, «coaching» and specialized in the EEG Info Neurofeedback technique.

EEGInfo Official Center

EEGInfo Europe website
EEGInfo Europe website

NeuroVitalia has the guarantee of the Othmer Method – leader in Neurofeedback -, and the distribution of clinical equipment approved by the European Union

What is neurofeedback?

More info about neurofeedback
More info about neurofeedback

Through the application of the Neurofeedback technique we train the self-regulation functions of our brain so that we are able to maintain our brain activity within appropriate limits.

High performance

High performance

Get the best version of yourself

NeuroVitalia can help you extend your abilities and thus obtain the best version of yourself. We can help you safely improve your physical preparation, using the tools of Sports Neuropsychology and medical-cardiological assessment

Overcome your limit

High Performance Sport

Overcome the last sports frontier

Get the mental edge
Improve your sleep, rest and concentration
Get more determination and visualization
Control and manage your emotions

Explore your capabilities

General High Performance

Get the best version of yourself!

Improvement of concentration
Increased attention
Greater presence
Increased emotional stability
Better management of fears and concerns
More efficient emotional management

Medical Supervision

Sports Medicine

The maximum possible safety from the cardiovascular point

Color Doppler echocardiogram
Stress Test
Effort Stress Echocardiogram
Sports Holter
Cardiac Strain
24h Blood Pressure Holter …



Dr. Christian Casseus
Dr. Christian Casseus


Consultation online or in person in Palma de Mallorca or in Madrid with multiple services

  • Cardiology consultation.
  • Cardiology-sports consultation.
  • Electrocardiogram.
  • Color Doppler echocardiogram.
  • Stress test.
  • Exertional stress echocardiogram.
  • 24 hour Holter. Sports Holter.
  • Map (blood pressure).
  • Second opinion.

Dra. Sali


Online or face-to-face consultation in Palma de Mallorca with multiple services

  • Nutritionist consultation.
  • Calculation of allostatic load parameter.
  • Calculation of BMI and ideal weight.
  • Detection of altered digestive patterns and individualized dietary intervention in overweight.
  • Dietetic-nutritional treatment in diabetes, dyslipidemia, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, hyperuricemia, autoimmune diseases, depression, insomnia.
  • Second opinion.

Our centers

We are at your disposal in the centers of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Lisbon.



Centro Comercial ABC Serrano
Centro Healthing
Calle Serrano, 61, 4ª Planta, 28006 Madrid



Cayetano Ventalló, n. 42. Local 2.
Mollet del Valles 08100



Martín Boneo Nº 31 – Bajo
07013 Palma de Mallorca



– Edificio Marítimo, Oficina 25, Av. Tres de Mayo 77
38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
– Av.De Bruselas, 18, 38679 Costa Adeje



Travessa da Escola Araújo, 24,
1050-142 Lisboa



Obispo Huix, 1 – Bajo
07800 Ibiza – Baleares

Coordination centers

Centro Comercial ABC Serrano. Calle Serrano, 61, 4ª Planta, 28006 Madrid

Edificio Marítimo, Oficina 25. Av. Tres de Mayo 77, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Information telephone number

637 39 04 69

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