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Do you have experience about signal processing and electrical engineering? In that case you might be the one we would like to join our group. EEGinfo is the world leader in Neurofeedback treatments. We are continuously improvoring the method and the instrumentation.

Neurofeedback is a method to train a brain, which was discovered about 40 years ago. During the last 10 years the technic has improved greatly. During the treatment the client is controlling a video game using his brain waves (EEG). The instrument applies defined conditions to the EEG in order to achieve therapeutic results of the training.

The Neurofeedback can be applied to help variety of serious problem such as migraine, ADHD, autism, phobias, PTSD, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc. But the cool thing with the Neurofeedback is that you don’t have to be sick to use it. You can use it just to perform better. For example we have high level athletics doing Neurofeedback in order to be able to perform better in the competitions.

On top of the Neurofeeback we are developing systems to evaluate functioning of the brain. The method is based on recording of brain reaction to some simple tasks and can be used to detect various problems for example ADHD.

We are looking two persons to our group. The work mostly would be software development, but a background from electrical engineering or physics would be preferred. We are searching one person who has experience with Matlab and an other who is familiar with Lab-view or similar tool.

The working place is expected to be at Chur in Switzerland, but that can be discussed. The working language is either English or German.

Please, send you application and CV to rrhh@www.neurovitalia.es. The applications are received until 31 of August.

All the best!

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