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My name is Jyri. I run a company called Ataman Science S.L.U. at Tenerife. We do business with European Space Agency and some brain training with Neurofeedback.

One of our projects is to search space debris. Together with our partner AIUB, we are the only ones in the whole world capable of cataloguing small size space debris at high altitude orbits. We also search Near Earth Objects (= asteroids, which could destroy the life from Earth), carry out experiments with optical satellite communication and give technical support for ESA Space Debris Office.

For the brain training we have registered a name «Neurovitalia», which we use for our clinics. With Neurofeedback we are the leaders in Spain. Neurofeedback is a method to train a brain, which was discovered about 40 years ago. During the last 10 years the technic has improved greatly. The treatment is well accepted in USA, where for example the Academy of Pediatricians recommend it as the first level help for ADHD/ADD.

On top of the ADHD, Neurofeedback is very efficient for migraines, anxiety, depression, PTSD, autism, phobias and chronic pain. About 80% of the patients get their problem solved without side effects. There are very few other medical technics, which could claim that good results. We have 4 offices at Tenerife, Madrid, Mallorca and Gran Canaria, where we give the treatment.

We are a partner of EEGinfo, originating from Los Angeles, USA, which is a major developer of Neurofeedback systems and protocols. We lecture the courses of EEGinfo in Spanish and have been renting Neurofeedback systems to professionals who did our courses. We are also starting to sell directly the EEGinfo products.

We have a great small team. We know that we are doing something special. We do it for passion, not for the money. We have plenty of great ideas, but as often happens with enthusiastic freaks, we struggle to materialize them. We are getting forward, but not fast enough.

We need a person who would bring some order and discipline into the group. The main task of that person would be to take care of administrative paper work and the books of the company, but also support the execution of the work.  The person should speak spanish as native, but an excellent level in english is needed. The working place would be at Madrid with frequent visits to Tenerife or where ever is needed.

So tell me who are you and what do you think you could do for us? Please, do not just send me your CV alone. That will not be enough.  You can contact us by sending an email to rrhh@www.neurovitalia.es. The applications are accepted until 20 June 2014.

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