Anxiety is characterized by a decrease in the process of self-regulation of the brain, i.e., there is an over-excitation of the organism that can also be observed in the brain activity of people who suffer anxiety. This high activity is appreciated by a very high level of beta waves (denoting intense mental activity) thus indicating that the brain is overexcited. When these factors occur, the person usually experiences a high level of distress with difficulties to calm down, fast breathing or deep restlessness among other symptoms.

At Neurovitalia, we are aware that sometimes worrying, far from offering problem-oriented solutions, becomes something pathological. We work with Neurofeedback to help you cope and gradually withstand anxious situations. With this technique, the patient manages to overcome the emotional blocks caused by anxiety, acquiring a greater capacity of management and control of the factors causing the stress, as well as the disappearance of the physiological signs of distress and discomfort.



The treatment with neurofeedback  is performed primarily at the subconscious level. It is a non-invasive technique and works with all those mechanisms with which the brain regulates its activity. It is a gradual learning process in which the brain learns to use more efficient patterns improving its ability to self-regulation. In this way, the person can gain control of the problem as he progresses with the sessions and also stop being so vulnerable to the spiral of anxiety.

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