Neurofeedback is a proven tool for eliminating and reducing episodes of migraines and different types of headaches. With this neuro-psychological technique, we stabilize excitability in the cerebral cortex, reduce headaches, sensitivity and improve your overall symptomatology.

Migraines or headaches are disorders associated with our nervous system, they basically reduce the pain threshold, creating a distorted perception of it. Thus, people who suffer from it are sensitized to stimuli that normally should not be painful.

We know that migraines or headaches affect your quality of life intensely, complicating your social relationships, family life and work. For this reason it is important to eliminate it or reduce the frequency of episodes to restore your wellness.

The application of the neurofeedback technique does not require any medication and is based on regulating our central nervous system accustoming our brain to get the most appropriate activity. In this way, we eliminate or reduce the symptomatology by strengthening this learning.




The ability of this technique has not only been proven in countless sessions performed around the world but is also supported by scientific studies.

Neurofeedback works with your symptoms to design the best possible treatment and adjust the protocol of action most appropriate for you. The treatment of their migraines and headaches is supervised by our Psychologists and Neuro-psychologists who monitor the pace of sessions and its evolution.

The improvements are usually observed from the first sessions. It is even common for patients to be surprised when they come to consult with discomfort associated with their symptoms and experience improvements at the end of the session.

Neurofeedback is a technique perceived as relatively new in Spain. For this reason many of our patients are skeptical at the beginning of their protocol. However, it works very well with patients suffering from migraines and headaches so it is common to quickly abandon this skepticism.

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