Medical Cardiology for Sport

We know of the benefits that physical exercise can provide you. However, physical activity may sometimes be contraindicated. Certain sport areas with high physical demands must be carried out safely.
Sports practice of high-level may require medical supervision. It is therefore very important to carry out a healthy and safe sport activity as a base to deepen the efforts and surpass our physical limits in training. NeuroVitalia, in its High Performance Program, incorporates the services of Dr. Cristian Casseus so you can extend your preparation with the medical security provided by the cardiological assessment of experts.

Dr. Cristian Casseus Schurig

Subspecialized in advanced echocardiography and sports cardiology.

The goal is that our athletes train and compete with maximum safety from the cardiovascular point, achieved through careful and personalized service with the most updated criteria in the matter considering the professional and technological aspects.

Services of Medicine and Sports Cardiology

Transition test (for triathletes) Sports cardiology consultation General cardiology

Color Doppler echocardiogram

It allows the direct analysis of heart shape, size and functioning, allowing to discard the main causes that suppose a risk for the sport practice as well as to value the changes that the same sport generates in the heart.

Effort Stress Echocardiogram:

At the same time that the stress test is performed, the contraction of the heart is observed in real time through its direct observation by means of the echocardiogram, significantly increasing the integral assessment of the heart and the probability of observing disease of the arteries of the heart.

M.A.P.A. or Holter of arterial blood pressure of 24 hours:

Ambulatory monitoring of arterial tension.

Effort test with analysis of respiratory gas

It allows the assessment of cardiac activity in order to discard an affectation of the heart arteries as well as arrhythmia during exercise and from the sports point to provide the parameters to optimize performance individually by means of oxygen consumption and the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds in addition to the recommendations to reach the objectives.

Sports Holter

To assess arrhythmias or related symptoms, using a device with latest generation sensors, versatile, without wires, similar to a shirt.

Cardiac Strain or Cardiac Deformation Study:

Analysis of cardiac muscle function from cardiac muscle fiber, using specific echocardiographic software, specifically for clinical decision making in coronary heart disease, valvular heart disease, cardiotoxicity by treatment with chemotherapy and heart disease.

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