High Performance

Improve the more important functionalities for personal and professional success!

There are many good habits that can boost us in our professional career or simply in our daily activities. Motivation, organization, order, responsibility and even our posture … Today, filling our agenda with endless tasks to obtain recognition and demonstrate our capacity and performance has became obsolete. The main reason is that the scientific community equates the importance of the introduction of breaks to hours of practice. In this context, it is interesting to mention the study of the neurophysiologist Nathaniel Kleitman, where he reveals that for the most of population it is not possible to keep attention in a task beyond 90 minutes. After this time of concentration and intense work, cognition becomes impoverished. However, this ability to maintain attention and concentration can be trained, extended and, our performance, improved. In addition to the concentration, many of our abilities can be reinforced and improved with simple training.


Speed, efficiency, productivity … These are words that are often heard in the work groups of our companies, creating a work environment of tension and stress. Urgent decisions, agile reactions … These are requirements for many company managers who operate in a dynamic of stress and fatigue.

Stress, which can be defined as a physical or emotional tension, is a natural physiological reaction to certain circumstances, but which becomes a problem when it is maintained over time. As well-known consequences we can point to anxiety, depression, communication problems and low professional performance as well as personal frustration.

The ability to manage stressful situations, the power of concentration to avoid distractions or be able to identify and manage our emotions. Our High Performance program aims to enhance concentration, efficiency and motivation.

It is a training that helps the nervous system to self-regulate and allows, therefore, learning to function in a more adaptive way. It benefits the ability to concentrate and the speed of decision-making, achieving a personal well-being that can be transferred to the professional field.


Improvement of concentration

Increased attention
Greater presence
Improvements in perception

Increased emotional stability

Better management of fears and concerns
More efficient emotional management
Highest degree of impulse control, security, leadership capacity, -resolution of conflicts-.

More Performance

Improvement of sociability
Increase and improvement of skills (verbal comprehension, mathematics, etc.)
Benefits in coarse and fine psychomotor coordination
Greater efficiency in the management of time and resources


Neurovitalia is a partner of EEG Info Europe, a company with more than 25 years of experience in Neurofeedback systems as well as teaching and spreading about the goodness of this technique

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