NeuroPsychological Evaluations

It is an assessment of cognitive skills in order to determine strengths and weaknesses of neuropsychological performance.

It is an evaluation of paper, pencil and manipulative tasks that allow to determine the neuropsychological profile of the person, that is, their performance in attention, concentration, executive functioning, visuospatial memory and verbal memory.

This assessment is accompanied by a brief tracing of the emotional sphere with the aim of detecting possible interactions with cognitive performance.

What are we evaluating?

Evaluate higher cognitive functions
The emotional and behavioral aspects of the person
Strong and weak skills and observable behavior

Clinical Utility

To know the person performance through its main cognitive abilities at the present time.
To determine the  starting point prior to a  possible intervention.
To know functional strengths and weaknesses

Coordination centers

Centro Comercial ABC Serrano. Calle Serrano, 61, 4ª Planta, 28006 Madrid

Edificio Marítimo, Oficina 25. Av. Tres de Mayo 77, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Information telephone number

637 39 04 69

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