Attention Deficit Disorder and / or Hyperactivity


When our child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Hyperactivity (ADHD or ADD), the first reaction can lead to different feelings. Many doubts and questions arise. It begins a long search for answers about symptoms, evaluations and solutions that can help manage the impact of this disorder in the family environment as well as the person who has it.

The application of the neurofeedback technique is safe, non-invasive, does not require drugs and is effective in improving body and environment awareness, developing social and communication skills. In addition, it improves the control of impulses and potentiates to a high level the degree of concentration and attention.




With  neurofeedback, the child is trained to learn to control those functions on which conscious control is not normally exercised. Such as the focus of attention, planning or achievement of objectives as well as self-control and self-regulation of levels of attention and concentration.

The neurofeedback technique is non-invasive. It collects information from certain patterns of the brain activity of the patient with ADHD or ADD. In this way, during the sessions, you will learn to support the most appropriate brain wave pattern.  Initially, this is got with the help of the program whose format is similar to a video game. Gradually,  as you progress with the sessions, that learning will be incorporated into everyday tasks.

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